Penis Extenders and how they work

You can read more about how the MaleEdge can help with peyronie’s disease here.

How do penis extenders work:

  • Penis extenders continuously stretches the penis. 
  • Using this method of penis enlargement for a couple of months ensures that the penis size will increase. Read more about penis traction and how it works.
  • Penis extenders not only increase the length and thickness of your penis, but can also correct a curved penis.
  • Penis extenders are for men who have a curved penis, Peyronie's Disease or want a bigger penis. 
  • The MaleEdge penis extender helps with correcting the curved or bent shape of the penis in a natural way. Because of penis traction, new cells are constantly formed and in doing so the penis shape is straightened.

How often do you need to use the penis extender?

Many men think wearing the penis extender longer than recommended will give you quicker results. However this is not the most efficient way to obtain a quicker penis enlargement.  

Penis extenders are designed to increase the penis length and thickness over a long period of time because it is a natural process. MaleEdge has set up a training scheme to give you the most comfortable and natural results possible within months.

week  Traction Hours/Day
1 8-1200g / 28-42oz 1
2 8-1200g / 28-42oz 2
3 1200g / 42oz 3
4 1200g / 42 oz  4
5 1200-2000g / 42-71oz 5
6 1200-2000g / 42-71oz 6

Learn more about the MaleEdge training programme.

Why you should buy the MaleEdge penis extender

The MaleEdge penis extender is approved as a Class 1 medical device. It is the safest method to enlarge your penis. Surgery does not always give the results you may have been hoping for. Most men who have penile surgery regret their decision afterwards. MaleEdge can guarantee you 100% that you will see the results you hope for after using the penis extender properly. We even offer you a 200% money back guarantee if you do not get any results after the whole treatment period. Read more about our Double Money back guarantee */double-your-money-back-guarantee

The MaleEdge penis extender is very practical in use. You can wear them under loose pants or shorts without anyone noticing. Our design also comes in three different models. Check our different models here.

Safe, natural, comfortable and a 100% guarantee it works.

Are you still hesitating about trying the MaleEdge penis extender? Read more about our different penis extenders.

The MaleEdge basic, Extra and Pro penis extenders:

MaleEdge Basic extender with accessories boxMaleEdge Extra extender with accessories boxMaleEdge Pro extender with accessories box