MaleEdge Penis Extender Guarantee

The MaleEdge Guarantee - Guaranteed Penile Enhancement

A guy shaking hands that is happy with the MaleEdge guarantee

We know that our MaleEdge penis extenders are the best natural penile enhancement devices – and that the MaleEdge works and will give you permanent results if used diligently and correctly. We also realize that to some men our claims might in fact almost seem too good to be true. We know about the thousands of users who have reported their results – we know about scientific tests showing that the penis traction method harnessed by the MaleEdge penis extender, works and gives permanent results – and that this is backed up by an article published in the British Journal of Urology (BJUI). But you don’t, and as a customer you may still be a little sceptical - understandably.
We know that the MaleEdge penis extender is proven to work. This is why we have introduced all of our different guarantee periods, which will assure you that the MaleEdge device will give you results.

Double Money Back Guarantee

We can guarantee penis enlargement with the MaleEdge device. This is why we have backed up our products with a double money back guarantee, which is paid out if you achieve no results despite diligent and patient use. Terms apply. Read more about our double money back guarantee here!

Quality Guarantee

If you experience quality problems with the assembly or production of a MaleEdge penis extender, we will either replace the unit, send spare parts to you or replace the device ourselves – free of charge.


If the product breaks during normal use, we will either send replacement parts or ask you to return the device for repair or replacement - free of charge. This warranty will cover you 12 months from purchase. Read about our 1 year warranty here


We have 24/7 support centers around the world, so no matter where you are on the planet, we will answer your email, chat or phone call in 9 different languages. Email and chat is free of charge - phone calls carry local charges. We have support centers in the USA, Europe and Far East.